Best Father’s Day Gifts for DIY Dads

$40 at Etsy


Personalized 12-in-1 hammer multi tool

Great for the handy father

$70 at Amazon


3M worktunes connect hearing protector

To protect Dad’s ears

$23 at Amazon

A man holding a blue triangle, using a pencil to draw a line

Aluminium rafter square and set square

It’s all about the angles

$23 at Amazon

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$10 at Etsy

Black builders pencil with the words "Measure Twice Cut Onc" on it in gold

“Measure twice cut onc” builders pencil

Never a truer word said

$32 at Amazon


FosPower emergency weather radio

For the dad who’s always prepared

When looking for a good Father’s Day gift, it’s important to think about what kind of father figure you have. My dad is the consummate DIY dad. He loves to tinker, fix things that are broken and make the place he lived with us as pleasant as possible.
Side note: Don’t forget to tell your dad, or any father figure, how much they mean to you. They don’t get told enough, and it will make their day.

Sometimes the best gift is simply a helping hand — or staying out of the way! — but if you’re on the hunt for tangible items for your dad, then getting him a gift that makes his DIY experience easier is always a great idea. If you’re ready to spend some cash, we have you covered with a list of gifts that covers tools, accessories and electronics that will satisfy his DIY needs.



This is the kind of gift for the father who is always ready to fix something at a moment’s notice. This multitool includes a hammer, nail puller, plier and wire cutter. If your dad needs to do anything around the house, he can whip this out and fix just about anything. To make this gift even more special, you can engrave it with a personalized message.

Black and green toolbox with hexagons on top


As DIY dads move on in the hobby they will accumulate more and more “stuff.” Nails, screws of various lengths, drill bits and all the small parts that make up an effective toolkit require a home, and that’s where Ryobi Link comes in. Because these toolboxes are modular, you can start out small and buy them this base model. Then as they get more tools and more accessories, you can build on it until you have a full storage solution. You can even attach these to the wall using the Ryobi wall mounts. 



When your dad is working with heavy machinery and needs something to protect his ears, he’ll thank you for these ear protectors from 3M. These have Bluetooth technology that connects to a phone or any Bluetooth-enabled device. There is an integrated microphone for hands-free calls and even an AM/FM radio so your dad can jam out to his favorite stations while having his ears protected up to 24 decibels. 

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A man holding a blue triangle, using a pencil to draw a line


When it comes to building furniture or shelves, angles matter. When you need to make straight cuts to make something flush, you need to use a tool that will give you the exact angle you need. This set comes with a traditional set square to help with right angles and a rafter square that lets you draw out perpendicular lines, scribe different angles and check if something is a perfect right angle. 

Eventually, DIY dad will have a bunch of these but for now, this set is a great place to start.

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Home Depot

Is your dad in need of new tools? This 108-piece DeWalt chrome mechanic’s tool set is a great one that has a removable power tools accessory case. Tools include hex keys, nut drivers, ratchets, a socket extender and much, much more. 

Black builders pencil with the words "Measure Twice Cut Onc" on it in gold


Every DIYer needs a good pencil; for most tradespeople, a square pencil is the way to go. The wide flat edges keep it from rolling off uneven surfaces, and they make it easier to get a close mark on a wall or when drawing a line from a level. 
These particular pencils have the classic saying “Measure twice, cut once” on them, something most of us fail to do, so instead, the pencil has the last e cut off. It’s a great joke that had my dad, whom I bought them for, belly laughing at for hours.



Being in the rugged outdoors can be fun, but it’s even better when you’re prepared. This emergency weather radio will give him everything needed to help withstand anything. It has a rechargeable battery, and he can power it in five ways: with AAA batteries, a hand crank, a 2,000-mAh power bank, micro-USB port and a solar panel. It also has a bright flashlight, weather broadcasts and an SOS alarm. 

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